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Hotel with a wellness centre in Varenna

The Hotel Villa Cipressi looks forward to pampering its guests at our wellness centre in Varenna on Lake Como.

The Spa is located inside the hotel building and is designed to offer an experience of total relaxation for two.

In fact, one of the unique features of the wellness centre regards its access, which is made for just two people at a time.

Bookings last for one hour and are available for a fee, need to be reserved in advance and are subject to availability.

The Hotel Villa Cipressi with its own wellness centre in Varenna, aims to offer its guests both a welcoming and a totally relaxing environment.

Recently constructed in a contemporary modern style, the Spa envelops its visitors with plays of light, sound and entrancing fragrances which all contribute to a sensation of absolute calm and relaxation.

This is the perfect spot in which to recoup one’s psycho-physical balance and get rid of any toxins in the body which have accumulated over time.

This hotel in Varenna with its own wellness centre is ideal for visitors who want some “me time” relaxing in the Spa and want to spend part of their holiday with some much needed treatments:

• A sound bath with Tibetan bells: individual treatments or for groups of up to a maximum of 6. Every Wednesday at 10.00 am. Cost per person - €25.00;

• A Relax Royal Massage: a relaxing massage. €75.00 for 50 minutes or €95.00 for 80 minutes.

• The Villa Cipressi massage with essential oils: €80.00 for 50 minutes or €110.00 for 80 minutes;

• The Queen’s Facial Massage - a beauty massage with rose essential oil costs €35.00 for 20 minutes;

• The Queen’s Facial Massage with crystals – an energizing beauty massage with rose essential oils and crystals to make the face radiant and rebalance energy and your body’s chakras costs €50.00 for 40 minutes;

• The Queen’s Body Massage with crystals – an energizing massage with crystals for rebalancing the energies in the body, mind and spirit costs €80.00 for 50 minutes or €110.00 for 80 minutes;

• A Magnolia Massage with candles – a moisturizing massage with oils and body butters costs €90.00 for 50 minutes or €110.00 for 80 minutes;

• The Royal Decontracting Massage – an energetic massage to free up tight muscles that are stiff and improve posture costs €90.00 for 50 minutes;

• The Mimosa back and cervical – an anti-stress massage which helps to relieve tension by making the lumbar, sacral, dorsal and cervical areas feel lighter costs €45.00 for 20 minutes or €80.00 for 40 minutes.

The Spa is for the exclusive use of two guests at a cost of €89.00 for 60 minutes.

Choose a holiday that focuses on relaxation. Book at the Villa Cipressi, a Hotel with its own wellness centre in Varenna.


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