Menu "La Contrada"


Lake hors d’ouvre catch from our lake    € 14,50

Roasted octopus served with potatoes flavoured with lemongrass and crustaceans mayonnaise    € 14,50

Angus beef tartare, “Raspadura Lodigiana” (flakes of parmesan cheese) and hazelnut oil    € 14,50

Mixed salad with trout, potatoes, cucumbers, olives and hardboiled eggs    € 8,50

“La Caprese” with buffalo mozzarella cheese    € 10,00

 Cous cous with spicy vegetables and gazpacho of tomato    € 8,50


First courses

Ravioli stuffed with scallops, scampi and zucchini    € 16,00

Buckwheat spaghetti with whitefish roe, toasted bread and cherry tomatoes    € 16,00

Risotto with perch fish, flavoured with lemon    € 17,50

Orecchiette pasta with Angus beef pieces cooked at low temperature, and roasted peppers    € 16,00

Vegetables soup, with buckwheat breadstick   € 10,50

Second courses

Angus beef fillet, with green pepper grain and rosemary    € 22,00

Grilled lamb chops, and mint sauce    € 19,00

Sea bass fillet Ligure style with tomatoes, basil, olives and pine nuts    € 19,50

Grill prawns flavoured with rocket salad oil    € 19,50

Catch from our lake with melted butter and sage    € 19,00

Fried vegetables and tofu with yogurt sauce  € 13,50


All the second dishes are served with a side dish

Our cheeses

Selection of cheeses from Valsassina, served with homemade jam and honey € 12,50


Trilogy of dessert    € 8,50

Coconut pudding, raspberry sorbet and passion fruit sauce    € 8,50

Small pie made with apples from Valtellina, flavoured with rosemary, served with vanilla ice-cream    € 8,50

Wild berries parfait with lemon cream    € 8,50

Different kind of sorbet and their fruits    € 7,00

White chocolate and licorice mousse and crumble of meringue    € 8,50


Cover charge € 3,00 per person


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